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Injection packers

Injection packers

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  • Product description: Aluminum injection packers for the concrete crack seal

Aluminum injection packers for the concrete crack seal

Water needle, also known as grouting nozzle, is a professional component widely used in waterproof engineering in the home decoration industry, especially in the occasion of pouring polyurethane, epoxy resin and other chemical grout into concrete, and applying high-pressure chemical grouting plugging technology for high-pressure chemical grouting plugging construction. Its principle is to use the continuous high pressure generated by the grouting machine to pour the chemical material liquid into the gap inside the concrete, completely squeeze the water in the gap and completely fill the gap to achieve the purpose of water stop.

High pressure water stop needle: it uses the principle of ring pressure fastening. The head is equipped with a one-way stop valve, which can prevent the slurry from spraying back under high pressure. The annular pressure expansion part uses a rubber sleeve with a diameter of 13mm, which is inserted into the grouting hole with an aperture of 14mm. Tighten the annular pressure bolt, compress the rubber sleeve and fix the grouting nozzle in the grouting hole( The check valve of the grouting nozzle shall be at 0. The grouting pressure must be higher than 4kn). There are four types of high-pressure water stop needles: Copper nozzle, aluminum nozzle, steel nozzle and plastic nozzle. The first three are ring pressure type. It is divided into front water stop type, that is, the check valve at the feed inlet of the grouting nozzle is set at the inlet; Rear water stop type, that is, the check valve at the feed inlet is set at the outlet, which can be selected according to the specific situation. After the front water stop nozzle is embedded, the front end can be screwed off for pressure relief and drainage, and then screwed on when grouting; After the water stop nozzle is buried, the drainage and pressure relief can not be carried out, but the grouting nozzle can be removed for the construction of the next process after the construction is completed. The diameter of rubber sealing part of common grouting nozzle is 14mm, and 14mm drill bit is required. For the dense structure, the grouting nozzle with the length of 7 ~ 8cm can be selected; For loose structure, grouting nozzle with length of 10 ~ 15cm can be selected.