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Polyurethane sealant

  • Polyurethane sealant
  • Polyurethane sealant
Polyurethane sealantPolyurethane sealant

Polyurethane sealant

  • One component
  • room temperature moisture curing
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  • Product description: Polyurethane sealant

One Component Polyurethane sealant

Product Description

Water swelling sealant is a kind of water swelling single-fluid elastic sealant. It takes polyurethane prepolymer as the base material and contains special grafted urethane. With double sealing mechanism: rubber elastic water stop and water swelling water stop, it is applicable for concrete construction seam waterproof and seepage prevention of all kinds of embedded components. The water swelling sealant can be solidified in damp environment, and the curing time depends on the ambient temperature and humidity. The higher temperature and humidity, the shorter the curing time is. After surface hardening (tacky dry), the next concrete pouring can be done.

Product Features

It has good water stop effect. With double sealing mechanism: rubber elastic water stop and water swelling water stop, it can bear water pressure up to 1.2MPa.

It has strong durability and low mass variation. The sealant structure contains urethane link chain, ensuring no expansion component loss in long period of time. Its service life is more than 100 years at normal temperature.

It has good slow swelling performance. so it is very suitable for damp construction environment.

The constriction is convenient. It is one-component jelly, which can use standard caulking compound construction gun. It can firmly stick on the surface of concrete no matter the surface is wet, smooth or rough or not.

It is environmentally friendly. It has good resistance to chemicals like hydrochloric acid, salt, sodium carbonate, potassium hydroxide, etc. It can be in contact with drinking water, and is safe, non-toxic product.

Product Name

PU water swelling sealant




One component




Carton box

Shelf life

12 months


It is widely used in various construction industry.subway,tunnel,underground structure of buildings, sewage treatment tank,the treatment of circumferential,longitudinal and horizontal construction joints,etc

Construction methods

1.In the case of the reserved type of paste, the water bar should be reserved in the first concrete.

2.After removing the concrete template, remove the surface and make the surface water free, clean and unclutter.

3.The water bar is inserted into the reserved slot.If the slot is not reserved, the vertical seam can be added to the full length of the binder, or with the cement stud to fix the water bar;The horizontal seam can be pasted directly on the concrete surface.

4.The concrete shall be poured as soon as possible after the water bar is pasted.

5.In the installation and paste process, the water stop shall be prevented from being contaminated and affected by water, so as not to affect the effect of use.


600ml/PCS 20PCS/carton box