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How to install the sun blocking glass film

How to install the sun blocking glass film


How to install the sun blocking glass film?

Tools / raw materials

• Scraper, glass scraper, watering can, sunscreen, utility knife, towel, tape measure, ruler

• Water, detergent or shower gel

Method / step

1.    Preparation work

Before applying the sun protection film, we need to make preparations. First, find out the tools we need (scraper, glass scraper, watering can, sun protection film, utility knife, towel, tape measure, ruler). Used at work. In fact, when we buy materials, the merchant will configure the tools we need for the film, so we don’t have to worry about no tools or finding tools ourselves. Once the preparations be finished, we can move on to the next step.

2.  Cleaning window glass

Next, we need to clean the window glass, and clean all the stains and dust on the glass. Available tools include towels, glass scrapers, and watering cans. We can add a few drops of detergent or shower gel to a watering can filled with water, then spray the glass with clean water to clean the upper glass; then, wipe the glass with a towel to prevent the sunscreen from sticking impurities.

3. Measure the size of window glass with a tape measure

The third step is to record the size of the window glass with a tape measure. It is recommended to write it down with a pen and a book to facilitate uniform cutting of the sunscreen film, which is conducive to improving work efficiency. The size of the glass is best to be accurate. It is recommended to measure the length between the glass glue, which is convenient for filming and beautiful.

4. Cut sunscreen

When cutting the sun protection film, be sure to align it, so that no large and small edges appear, otherwise the appearance of the film will be unsightly and fold. It is recommended that two people cooperate when cutting, and use a ruler, a right-angled edge, and alignment at the same time. This step is important to test crafts man-ship.

5. Start applying sunscreen

When applying sunscreen, it is best to have two people working together. One person tears the sun protection film off the auxiliary film, the other people uses a watering can (with a detergent solution in the watering can) to spray the glass evenly; at the same time, the sun protection film of the torn auxiliary film is sprayed to prevent the sun protection film from sticking

While tearing the secondary membrane, spray clean water at the same time,

The main points of the film: spray the adhesive layer on the back with clean water, and feel that the glue is not sticking until you do not worry that the glass will fall if the film is not sticking. Because, the next step is to scrape the water out and it will stick to itself after curing.

6. Use a scraper to smooth the sunscreen.

Use the squeegee delivered by the merchant to remove the water and defoam the glued film. This step is also very important, after all, after the adhesive film is pasted, there will be unevenness and air bubbles. We spray clean water on the film, which is convenient for us to move the flat film. As long as we use the scraper to scrape the film from the middle of the film to the surrounding area, scrape out the water in the film sufficiently. The sunscreen is smooth and beautiful.


• After applying the sunscreen, do not scrub it for 3-7 days; wait for it to stick after curing

• It is best to be familiar with the construction process and process requirements before construction

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